Schizophrenia Treatment in San Diego

Schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder which may be disabling for people who are afflicted with it. It is estimated that schizophrenia affects about 1 percent of all Americans.

San Diego treatment for schizophreniaWhile many people with schizophrenia can live meaningful lives in the community, others are dependent on help to manage and structure their lives and meet basic needs. Difficulties in holding a job and self-care may be common.

Current treatment for schizophrenia may involve managing and relieving symptoms. While new medications and treatment protocols are being developed, some people with schizophrenia deal with their illness on an ongoing, lifelong basis.

As with other mental illnesses, no one is to blame for an individual having schizophrenia. We are not certain exactly what causes this illness but it appears that it is biological in origin and that symptoms worsen under stress.

Schizophrenia Treatment in San Diego

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